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New Home Page
There’s a new 60-page book
that tells the tale.
Dreams and Dreamers
published by the Crow Creek
Heritage Preservation Society,
is a collection of stories about
the people and the town.
There’s information about C. D.
Sherwood who purchased land
to start a colony of Northern
settlers in the valley in 1875.
Then, of course, there’s the
story of Byron Gager, who
came to Sherwood from Ohio
in 1892. There’s information
about the new spark of hope
in Sherwood that came with
the opening of the Sherwood
Mining Company in 2005, by
another Ohioan, Ted Thieman.
New book takes a look at the stories and
people of Sherwood and Crow Creek
To purchase a copy of Sherwood’s Dreams and Dreamer,
contact Kathy Pack by US mail at CCHPS, PO Box 93,
Sherwood, TN 37376 or by email at
Copies are $10 and shipping is $4 per book.
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